Gouin Reservoir

Walleye and pike fishing at Gouin Reservoir

Popular for pike and walleye fishing, Gouin Reservoir is equally known for its stunning white sand beaches and its untouched territory rich in plant and animal life.

With over 275 km of waterways, Gouin Reservoir is a 1,789 km2 lake abundant with fish and a variety of aquatic animals. Whether you’re a seasoned fisher or just starting out, you’ll be impressed by the lake’s majestic natural landscapes and high-quality fishing.

Named after former Quebec premier Lomer Gouin, the Gouin reservoir and dam were built to facilitate log drives from La Tuque to Trois-Rivières, regulate the flow of the Saint-Maurice River and optimize electricity generation at the power stations downstream. Gouin Reservoir is now a natural playground for fishing, hunting and outdoor enthusiasts.

Located on the reservoir, Pourvoirie Rivière La Galette is known for its quality fishing and abundance of pikes and walleyes. Walleye, one of the most caught fish in North America, is considered a gourmet fish for its particularly tender and flavourful meat. Pike, on the other hand, is a remarkably strong and aggressive predator, truly putting the “sport” in “sport fishing.”

Pourvoirie Rivière La Galette’s experienced team will be able to direct you to the best fishing spots on Gouin Reservoir. Discover this vast territory and enjoy a unique experience by selecting one of our seven houseboats (Standard, Deluxe or VIP) for your stay.

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