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Walleye and pike fishing

Pourvoirie Rivière La Galette gives you access to natural walleye and pike fishing grounds.

Gouin Reservoir is known for the abundance of its high-quality walleyes and pikes. With 1,789 km2 of varied depths and currents, the reservoir is an ideal environment for a variety of fish, allowing for successful fishing throughout the entire season. The impressive size of the fish guarantees a memorable fishing trip with exceptional catches.

With expert knowledge from many years of experience at Gouin Reservoir, the entire Pourvoirie Rivière La Galette team is able to advise you on choice spots teeming with walleyes and pikes. The different bays, including Magnan, Brochu and Portage, offer stunning and diverse landscapes to anchor and fish while enjoying the tranquility. A number of rich spawning grounds are located in the different waterways and can be accessed by boat starting in the spring.

Pourvoirie Rivière La Galette also has its own bathymetric chart to help you navigate the waters and find the best fishing locations. Choose accommodation in one of our seven houseboats (Standard, Deluxe or VIP) for the ultimate getaway. You can moor up to six fishing boats at your houseboat to easily access smaller areas of the reservoir teeming with walleyes and pikes.

Pourvoirie Rivière La Galette offers one of the best pike and walleye fishing sites in Quebec. Our employees are here to help you with whatever you need, including:

  • Ice
  • Gas
  • Fishing permits
  • Air transportation
  • Worms and leeches
  • Maps of Gouin Reservoir
  • Guide services

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