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Bear hunting

Pourvoirie La Galette: bear-hunting territory that offers a nearly 100% success rate!

At Pourvoirie La Galette, bear hunting season is from late May to late June. This is the ideal time of year as bears are coming out of hibernation and travelling longer distances in search of food. The black bear is a very skittish and quiet animal, making its hunt all the more complex. Nevertheless, your chances of success are high. At Pourvoirie La Galette, nearly 100% of hunters have a successful hunt.

A number of hunting grounds are baited throughout a new territory to increase your likelihood of capturing these beasts. On average, they weigh between 200 and 300 pounds.

A hunting professional from Chassomaniak will accompany you during your stay. They will ensure the safety of your group (6 people max) and advise you on the best practices to increase your odds. Using their hands-on experience, they will guide you to the most well-known hunting spots, and take care of the evisceration, preparation and freezing of the bear once captured. The folks at Chassomaniak can record the hunt if you’d like. Cabin accommodations are provided for all hunting excursions.

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